Serving Northern and Central New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York Areas.
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Tulip Tinsel and Twine?

At Tulip, Tinsel and Twine we create artful floral designs that can be whimsically untamed or formal in structure. From light spring blossoms to the golden glow of fall foliage every wedding is beautifully done with attention to the couple’s vision. Serving Northern New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York areas.

“The earth laughs in flowers”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Founder's Vision

A Message from Christine

Christine Henry

Having grown up in Sussex County, New Jersey, I have always appreciated the natural beauty we’re immersed in here. Whether it’s wildflowers in the fields, greens on the vines or sparkling snow on iced over lakes  and towering trees the area is breathtaking. 

In 2017,  I founded Tulip Tinsel and Twine. I hold a minor in art studies and have always had a passion for nature’s art!

My first career  was teaching history and sociology on the high school and collegiate levels.  Though I enjoy working with all ages, I especially love working with young people! What better way than helping you make your dream a reality? 

I  graduated from floral school in Manhattan and use both local and international sources for my work. My team is amazing and tremendously fun to work with.  We work tirelessly to bring your dream to life.

- Christine

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I am still awestruck by how flawlessly everything came together – from the intricate thistle boutonnieres, to our breathtaking tablescape, dripping in greenery and candlelight – we are eternally grateful for her talent and expertise. When it comes to complete dream fulfillment, there is no better choice than Tulip, Tinsel & Twine!


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